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Glasgow Tool Library

Glasgow Tool Library (GTL), based in Maryhill, was established in 2018. We work like a regular library, but instead of books, you can borrow tools and equipment for your home, garden and hobbies.


GTL gives you access to expensive equipment - power tools, camping equipment, games, and more - through a low membership fee. 99% of our equipment is donated, creating a grassroots circular economy that makes valuable equipment available for the community, extending the life-cycle of products through reuse, repair and sharing, and reduces waste.

Our Mission and Vision

We aim to:

Save people money and tackle inequality, giving low income households affordable access to tools and equipment,

Change habits around consumerism, promoting sharing as a sustainable alternative to shopping,

Build a culture of community ownership and active citizenship through volunteering and cooperative governance, and

Provide education and access around sustainability and DIY.  

Volunteer meals
Social furniture
Our inventory

Local and Global Impact

'Scotland’s material consumption accounts for 68% to 74% of our entire carbon footprint.'

- Friends of the Earth Scotland


Moving to a circular economy contributes to reducing our carbon footprint and tackling the climate emergency. Glasgow Tool Library's model contributes towards this crucial climate action, while helping people maintain and repair their homes, start new hobbies, or find new pathways back into work.


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