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Volunteer with Glasgow Tool Library

Sharing tools. Sharing skills. Sharing community

Building community is at the core of what we do at Glasgow Tool Library.


We offer a range of volunteering opportunities and activities that bring people together to build new relationships, gain confidence, and develop or share skills in repair, library management, tool knowledge, and marketing. 

We have weekly activities, like Monday Maintenance and lending tools, as well as events such as Community Builds, Volunteer Assemblies, and quarterly training. 

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Library Team

The core team of Glasgow Tool Library, who keep the service running. 


Cataloging equipment, organising the library, improving the service and membership experience, preparing equipment for collection and checking returned tools.


Core Days

Monday: 2pm – 5:30pm / 5pm – 8:30pmWednesday: 2pm – 5:30 / 5pm – 8:30pmFriday: 5pm - 8pm

Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team are responsible for keeping

our equipment safe and in working order. 


Diagnosing maintenance issues, repairing tools

and equipment, PAT testing


Core Days

Monday: 2pm – 5:30pm / 5pm – 8:30pm

Monthly on 3rd Saturday of the month


Marketing Team

The Marketing Team help us spread the word about Glasgow Tool Library and support with communications to advertise events or bring in new members, donations, and volunteers. They help create content for social media, web, newsletters, and more.

Core Days
Flexibility to meet and work remotely

Monthly Monday meetings 
Mondays: 2pm – 5:30pm / 5pm – 8:30pm

Friendly Fridays 

On Friday afternoons we run sessions for people who need a bit more support. This is perfect for people who want to improve their English skills, digital literacy or social skills. The sessions rotate every week and will focus on core library activities, like tool sharpening and cataloging equipment. These sessions are open to everyone and provide a great pathway into more volunteer opportunities and activities at Glasgow Tool Library. 


Core Days

Friday 2pm - 5pm

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