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Partner with us to make Glasgow a fairer and more sustainable place to live

An amazing opportunity to join a network of businesses, charities and institutions working together to build a sustainable circular economy in Glasgow. Partnering with us offers a range of benefits, such as increased visibility, increased footfall, corporate social responsibility, and the opportunity to provide memberships to your community, tennants, or staff.


We offer a number of benefits and membership options for organisations and businesses of all sizes. These options include bulk memberships, partnership discounts, becoming a community collection point hub for tool pick up and drop off. Our memberships help people save money during the current cost of living crises and reduce carbon by encouraging borrowing instead of buying.

Our mission is to tackle inequality through affordable access to tools and equipment, and contribute to building a circular economy. By working together we can save money, get useful equipment to those that need it, and promote repair and reuse.

Community Hub

Become a GTL neighborhood collection point for your community and increase footfall to your business. A GTL courier comes to your premises for a couple of hours each week so people can collect or return equipment.

Partnership Discount

Become a Partner Member and provide the option of discount membership to your staff, tenants, or service users. This can help your organisation stand out from the crowd, provide perks to new customers that are better than your competitors and help you stand out from the crowd.

Bulk Membership

A one off purchase of multiple memberships that can be given in hampers, as gifts, or as corporate social responsibility. For the price of bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, you could give people access to over 800 items worth over £10,000.

Organisational Membership

A Membership for your business or organisation to access our full range of equipment, for renovations, for workshops and events, or for community projects.

1. Save Money

and Cost of Living Support  

Providing memberships to people or bringing our service closer to your community can help people save money. Our service saves our members on average over £300 per year. Our software can track money saved so we can work out the total saved by staff, tenants, or service users.

2. Carbon Net Zero Targets

By borrowing instead of buying, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to transition towards a circular economy. Our lending software can track the amount of items that have been borrowed instead of bought and track the collective carbon saved by your community. 

3. Brand promotion

If you partner with us, we will promote your service on social media, on our website, and in our monthly newsletter to over 2,000 subscribers. 

For more info, contact 

Chris Strachan -

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