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Glasgow Tool Library was on the telly! ⭐️

Last year the BBC came to film Glasgow Tool Library for the Stacey Solomon TV show Sort Your Life Out. If you haven't seen the show (which is great!) it follows people around the country who are struggling to keep on top of the amount of stuff they have in their homes. Stacey and her team help the families declutter, by sorting through the stuff and choosing what to donate, recycle or sell. The family from Bonnybridge in Falkirk had more tools than they had space so donated to our lending library.

In our modern consumer society, this is a feeling we can all relate to. Even the most organised of us can get overwhelmed by the amount of things we keep in our homes. The amount of stuff we have can often feel like a burden that we constantly have to organise. In our linear economic model, most of this stuff will also end up as waste. We produce, consume and dispose of items in a way that is not sustainable. If everyone in the world consumed the same amount as the UK, we would need 2.6 Earths resources to sustain this.

Stacey Solomon's Sort Your Life out may not be directly trying to challenge our consumerist economic model, however, the success of the show draws on our underlying acknowledgement that this system is unmanageable for our homes and the planet.

At Glasgow Tool Library we promote a circular and sharing economy, where products are shared by the community rather than owned individually. Rather than sitting in a cupboard for most of the year, taking up space, people can pick up equipment when they need it. This saves us money, is kinder to the planet, AND helps us keep our homes clutter free.

If you're doing some decluttering this spring, think about donating tools and equipment to Glasgow Tool Library. We're always looking for good quality tools, camping and outdoor equipment, events or party equipment, and audio visual. You can donate it to us and we can store and maintain it for you. If you donate one of items below we will give you a free membership so you can come back and borrow it when you need it:

  • Bell tent

  • Gazebo / marquee

  • Barbecue

  • Floor sander

  • Cameras

  • Folding chairs

  • Battery powered tools (good quality)

  • Board games and lawn games

Check out our donate page for more information on how to support us, or sign up as a Member to access over 800 items of donated equipment!

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